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GCM push notification is not showing in some devices when app is

I faced similar issue with Redmi2. There is no problem in the code but it is due to Custom UI provided by the Manufacturer like MIUI 6. So to enable GCM

Need table of key codes for android and presenter Stack Overflow

KEYCODEFUNCTION 119 / System Request / Print Screen key. Toggles silent or vibrate mode on and off to make the device behave more politely will vary depending on what the manufacturer has programmed into the keycode for

How to Ensure GCM/FCM Push Notifications Turn On Screen, Wake

How to Ensure GCM/FCM Push Notifications Turn On Screen, Wake Up and we can render a custom view and make the phone vibrate and ring. The issue appears to be Android version and device/manufacturer agnostic.

Android App Not Available For Download on Some Devices Stack

Try using ltusesfeaturegt instead of ltusespermissiongt in your manifest file amp set android:requiredquotfalsequot for the features.. So replace. ltusespermission

Android: Haptic feedback: onClick event vs Stack Overflow

There is a longer description in the Android Cookbook Chapter Haptic Feedback. Abstract: there are several step needed: enable vibration in

Support phones and phablets, not tablets Stack Overflow

Instead of ltcompatiblescreensgt you could use ltsupportsscreensgt as it doesn39t require you to specify each screen density that your app

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SMN9005 google play console device

Hey for those who encounter this issue this is what I concluded. Answer: My app will not support all Samsung Note 3 models. Why: Samsung

In iOS, how can I distinguish a Haptic Touch from a long press

Haptic Touch screens, like on the iPhone XR, don39t have this I39m almost certain that this feature will get a Haptic Touch vibration in quotConsidering they removed 3D Touch from the device to cut manufacturing costs and to

How to send fake call broadcast on android Stack Overflow

I may be wrong as I can39t find anything in the docs but I39d say it39s not possible to 39spoof39 a call ringing broadcast. It39s almost certainly reserved as

Answer incoming call using android.telecom and InCallService

How do you get notified about, and acquire instances of GSM Calls. First, the user will need to select your app as the default Phone app.

White listed android app in doze mode Stack Overflow

Would sudden jerk or vibration to phone disables doze mode after a with the screen turned off, but not necessarily stationary, for example,

What features do Progressive Web Apps have vs. native apps and

Capture APIs device vibration screen orientation and accelerometer access, Framework implemented in Chrome enables manufacturers to expose and test Here installable means that it appears in your home screen.

gsm Answer incoming call using android.telecom and

Currently, only this screen has full control of ringing and active calls and It39s notably one of the most changed pieces of code in different manufacturers39 any idea how i can reject the call using this service without letting the mobile vibrate

PowerManager does not trigger when Activity is started by the

Mar 25, 2018 Problem solved. There have been two reasons why it was not working as I expected on all devices: I was following the proposal made in

Is it possible to move a notification from headsup to the status bar

The trigger for showing them may vary between devices/roms/manufacturers. There is no way to hide them and continue with what39s on the screen. it depends on its priority: if the priority is high or max and you set vibrate to the notification