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Jon Skeet Facts Meta Stack Exchange

These are written in the third person so as not to disrupt the style of the thing. But hey, as we all know, Jon Skeet can make 1 3 anyway, so it makes no

Are highreputation users answering fewer questions Meta Stack

David Robinson 65.7k66 gold badges2020 silver badges2222 bronze badges the issue, description of the problem and usecase for question, will be upvoted with score 10 at best. As for long question, well, I39ll post mine. advertising revenue which go

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017 Stack Overflow Insights

As the world39s largest and most trusted community of software developers, we However, we do see that many developers who identify as Black or of African

Crosswords Questions and Answers in The AnswerBank

Most ostentatious criminal steals ship 10. I have SASS. One was Felix Jones who was part of the South Africa world cup coaching Staff. Who was the

I just discovered why all ASP.Net websites are slow, and I am trying

If your page does not modify any session variables, you can opt out of most of this lock. lt Page EnableSessionStatequotReadOnlyquot gt.

Animated sorted bar chart with bars overtaking each other Stack

Nov 5, 2018 I39ve adapted an answer of mine to a related question. I worked on this prior to your addition of data, but as it happens, the gapminder data I used is closely related. fps 20, duration 5, width 400, height 600, endpause 10

What39s the difference between Instant and LocalDateTime Stack

Table of types of datetime class in modern java.time versus legacy. tldr. Instant and LocalDateTime are two entirely different animals: One

Can I have a dump of rude/abusive comments Meta Stack Overflow

Jun 20, 2016 Mexican police takes a random african animal and pour soda with chili into my Major to Arts Please do not run this into production never If you write I39d like a toilet made out of gold but it39s just not in the cards So you wantnbsp

MSISDN : Is it a SIM Card Data Why all The Provided Function

May 22, 2012 I have some insight into the matter for you. The MSISDN can be stored on the SIM card, however most network providers all providers in South

OpenGL vs. wxMathPlot for real time plotting in wxWidgets Stack

I am most interested in using mxMathPlot for the plotting with support of Ten times per second, the graph display code copies the data that has been acquired

Get time of specific timezone Stack Overflow

If you know the UTC offset then you can pass it and get the time using the following function: function calcTimecity, offset // create Date object

Convert date to another timezone in JavaScript Stack Overflow

var aestTime new Date.toLocaleStringquotenUSquot, timeZone: quotAustralia/Brisbanequot aestTime new DateaestTime console.log39AEST time: 39aestTime.

Subtract days from a date in JavaScript Stack Overflow

Asked 10 years, 5 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 553k So, for example, if I want to calculate the date 5 days before today. javascript date datetime.